Linde CryoPlants Ltd.

The leading supplier of compact cryogenic air separation plants

Forming a centre of excellence inside The Linde Group, Linde CryoPlants Ltd is a world leader in design, engineering and manufacturing of compact cryogenic air separation plants. High standards, approved to the ISO Quality Management Systems 9001:2008.

The product portfolio includes generators for liquid and gaseous nitrogen or oxygen, providing a constant and secure on-site supply. Linde CryoPlants offers custom-made and standard solutions. Most plants are containerised, are simple to install and, where applicable, undergo a strict factory performance test.

125 years of experience and expertise in cryogenics ensure the production of reliable plants, which have been successfully installed and utilised in various different industries and in all parts of the world including extreme surroundings such as the South Pole, the Sahara and the Andes.

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